About Us

carla1981 / September 10, 2018

Choosing The Right Dentist

If you are looking for the right dental clinic, then choose us. Here are the reasons we believe we will be able to give you what you need.

Credibility And Education

Dr. Savage has taken extra dental studies to make sure that he is able to help all the dental patients in any way that they need. He is up to date on the technological advancements that have been made in dental studies. This enables him to provide all the patients with the care that they need. Dr. Savage can offer all the patients the best dental care because of the experience that he has in this field. His many years of practice as well as the knowledge of various dental procedures are all the evidence you need.

Variety Of Services

Dr. Savage is an expert in many dental procedures. He provides services for patients that need General Dentistry, Sleep Dentistry as well as Cosmetic Dentistry. He is familiar with all these procedures and will always do a great job. Our clinic provides the following services to patients who need them;

  • pediatric care
  • dental implant services
  • oral surgery
  • cosmetic restorations in any way you need
  • endodontics and
  • periodontal care

Our clinic is able to treat a majority of our dental patients without the need to offer them referrals.

Personal Approach

We always make sure that we treat our patients as family. There will be no point at which you will feel that your issues are not being addressed. We make sure that our phones will be answered by staff that care about your well being. If any of our patients have questions, they will be answered patiently and all matters to do with scheduling and planning appointments will be handled professionally.

Use Of The Best Technology Available

Dr. Savage ensures that all patients are treated using the best technology so as to give them the best care. This technology provides the patients with the best care for long-lasting results.

Comfort For Special Needs Patients

We understand that there are many patients who are faced with phobias when it comes to dental procedures. DR. Savage and his staff will ensure that all the patients are taken care of so that they will be comfortable and calm.